Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage in the Summer

Published on 7/8/2019

Blog Image with thermometer

When the temperatures rise and things start to dry up, climate controlled storage may be what saves your prized possessions from damage. Climate controlled storage is a special type of storage that allows you to maintain the temperature inside your unit. Typically climate controlled storage units are kept between 65-85 degrees depending on the temperature outside and what you have inside the storage unit.

If you have furniture or other belongings that you need to keep away from harsh temperatures like extreme cold and heat, humidity, and pests, climate controlled storage is a great way to protect those items. You may not even realize it, but many everyday items that you store inside your storage unit are susceptible to damage from extreme temperatures and humidity. You can easily preserve these items and keep them in mint condition with climate controlled storage.

While climate controlled storage would be great for all stored items, deciding whether or not you really need it can be difficult. Here is a list of items that will benefit from climate controlled storage:

  1. Furniture and Items made of:

  • Wood

  • Leather

  • Metal

  1. Antiques

  2. Media (DVD’s, CD’s and Cassette Tapes)

  3. Photographs and Film

  4. Musical Instruments

  5. Important Paperwork

  6. Art & Collectables

  7. Cosmetics & Toiletries

If you have further questions about climate controlled storage or want to know if you should be using it to store your possessions, feel free to give Storage Solutions of Jonesboro a call today.